A warning to future me

This past Sunday, I was drumming on the worship team. We were seriously on fire. I wish someone in the sanctuary had been recording us, we were that good. But that’s not the point of this…

The point is, while I was up there playing like a rock star, I couldn’t help but notice some of the teens. Specifically the teen girls. Hey, I’m married, not dead. Several of them wearing short skirts (I love spring for this reason by the way), and one in particular was wearing a particularly tight, short dress.

Now at the time I just drank it in. Just because I’ve already ordered doesn’t mean I can’t look at what else is on the menu. But then it hit me: one day my girls will be that age. And by that point, I hope I’ve taught them to be more modest than that, against the day that they run into a guy like me. Seriously, which parent allowed that girl to go out, much less to church, in a dress so tight you could see every last curve with virtually nothing left to the imagination. And what was her plan in wearing that?

So to the future versions of my daughters, listen up: treat what you have as valuable, and don’t just give it away, or it will become cheap. And by that I mean you will become cheap. And you’re both too good to give yourself away.


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