For clarity’s sake

I have to be clear here, because I think I’ve been sending some mixed messages in some of my past entries. I love my wife, and I always will. She’s just amazing. She’s talented and smart, and beautiful. She fills in all my gaps. When we met everything just clicked, and we knew that we were right for each other.

We might frustrate the daylights out of each other, but I love her, and I take it on faith that she loves me. And so when we feel like throwing our hands up and walking away, instead we both turn back around and wade in for another round, until we get it right. She’s worth the effort, even if it is like getting punched in the face some days. I think that’s part of marriage. Two people will inevitably get on each others nerves, but marriage is the commitment that you’ll figure out a way to get it to work instead of giving up.

Take it easy,



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