Head, meet wall

We’ve had this discussion before, many times. It’s always resulted in the same thing. You say you’ll change, and then you never do.

Don’t hold the past against you? No, it’s called predicting the future based on past performance. You have acted in this way before, I’m not just making it up. Why should I expect anything different this time?

Don’t just walk away, you say? Don’t you mean, come back for another round so I can slap you in the face again? How many times do you have to smack a dog with a newspaper before it learns not to trust you? Well however many times it is, you’ve done it to me enough that I no longer trust you.

All I want to hear is “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” Instead I just get a bunch of rationalization and straw man arguments. Saying “I’m not saying I was right but…” and then giving me a list of reasons why you think you’re right, doesn’t magically mean that you’re not saying you think you’re right!

File the above under “Things you should not have to say to your wife, but have to anyway”. <sigh>

Disappointed but not surprised,


P.S. Lest any of you think I don’t notice, my wife is an amazing wife and mother. Improvements can be made to anyone. But no argument can take away her excellence.


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