I must have done something wrong

Because looking back at it, high school really wasn’t that bad.

Admittedly, I cheated by going to a small Christian private high school, so maybe I just had a different caliber of classmate than most. But most references to high school still show nothing but cliques, mean girls, jocks being d**ks and the like. I wasn’t particularly popular or anything, but I had some good friends. And even the guys on the “other side” of the class (out of my graduating class of 37) were decent, and I think if push came to shove they would have had my back.

Did I miss out on some grand life lesson by not having a horrific high school experience. It does make writing (or half-writing in my case) high school fiction tough, since I don’t exactly have a basis for what I’m writing about. Maybe someone who went to a larger public school can fill me in – was it really that bad? Or are most authors/screenwriters making it up?

I wonder about this too as I think about my girls growing up. What is their experience going to be like? How can I fortify them against what’s coming up when I might not even know myself?

Vaguely nostalgic,



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