The difference

You are not perfect. You make mistakes. You say and do things that hurt. You don’t always think of people beyond yourself.

That does not mean I hate you, that does not mean you’re a horrible person, that does not mean I’m going to leave you, or any of the myriad other ridiculous things you’ve tossed out there in some attempt to get me to absolve you of all guilt.

You are not perfect, but you’re not bad either. There’s a difference. And if you can’t see that, despite me having said it many, many times, then we’re gonna have a bad time. Because that means that all your talk about how I have to be more open and share how I feel is just lip service. If my honesty is just going to get a bunch of P-A crap in return, it’s not worth it, and I’ll just go back to silently steaming.

I’m flawed. I can admit it, and I’m working on it. I need to know that you can do the same. Because I love you.

You know who you are,



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