How do I love thee, red meat? Let me count the ways…

Went out to Red Robin for “Birthday Party part 2”. Oh dear God, so very good. Don’t remember what they called it, but it had teriyaki sauce in it, shweet! A slice of pineapple too. I like pineapple in general, this didn’t really do anything for the burger one way or the other.

I’m a meat-eater, no way around it. Prefer cow, but chicken or pig will do quite nicely too. Now I’m going to diverge with most carnivores out there and admit that I like mine somewhere around medium well. I hear many complaining that it kills the flavor or whatever. But that’s why I only go to medium well, not well done. Especially out at a restaurant, where “well done” usually gets you something that looks like it’s been under a space shuttle launch. So give me some credit.

I have to grill more this summer. Last year it really sat unused, due to being busy with the new baby, but this year I really want to grill more. I’m not an expert by any standard, but I’m getting hungry for meat, so I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands. And tongs.

Writing this has made me hungry again…

Fire it up!



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